International Day Against Drug Abuse Day 2019

New Middle East International School, upholds the responsibility of maintaining an educational environment conducive to academic achievement. As a part of this responsibility the school had held the International Day against Drug Abuse 2019. The School recognizes that the use and abuse of alcohol and other drugs may interfere with students educational goals and will also interfere with the education environment. The school Principal, Mrs. Tabassum Farooqi in her speech to the students explained the meaning of Drug abuse. She also stressed that in most cases students became a prey to this habit due to mere ignorance of how this habit will negatively impact their mental & physical health and finally destroy their career and life. She advised the students not to give in to peer pressure and media influences - the main causes of addiction. She urged that they should report any such behavior on the part of their fellow classmates or school mates to the concerned authorities in order to enable timely intervention and protection of the concerned student. She said that this will be a great gift of life to the student and a humane service to the parents and the school in specific and the community in general. Many teachers and students came forward and expressed their ideas of drug abuse, how it destroys one’s life and how it can be prevented. Students prepared charts and posters highlighting the importance of the day. The captions of the day were- “Say no to Drugs, Yes to Life”, “Avoid drugs choose life”, “Drug kills” The aim was to make all the students aware of Addiction and how to keep this evil at bay. The students took an oath to follow the theme of the day in letter and spirit!

Pictures Gallery of International Day Against Drug Abuse Day 2019